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…so says my hubby.

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s work to find cat vomit on the bed. Even though we have the four, it’s pretty easy to figure out who exactly the culprit is. Willow.

If Willow were a person, she would be Rosie Perez. She’s got that whole ghetto superstar thing down. She’s a little psychotic, a bit neurotic, and a whole lot of bitchy.

She doesn’t like her long fur. She would rather be naked, and when we get her shaved down in a lion cut, she prances around like she just knows she’s the shit. We haven’t taken her to the groomer’s in awhile, so she’s taken the task on herself of eliminating her fur by pulling it out in mouthfuls here and there as part of her daily cleaning routine. This explains the hairballs.

Willow spends probably 95% of her time on the bed. She only gets down to eat and to use the potty. She likes to sleep. When she’s not sleeping on the bed, she’s “monitoring the situation.”

Regardless, puke on the bed means more laundry for me, and I was almost caught up, darn it. So after throwing a couple blankets in the wash & towels in the dryer, Craig and I were off to Home Depot to find a solution for another issue. Stupid, inconsiderate neighbors.

Earlier in the year, our dear friends next door sold their home and moved away. The people they sold to, Kim and Mike, are the most inconsiderate, thoughtless people I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to neighbor with. They are constantly, every day, using our driveway to pull in and out of their own tiny driveway, rather than move one of their own cars so they can get out or drive on their own lawn to back out. All without asking for permission. It’s driving Craig and I insane.

Twice this summer, we’ve come home to find a gigantic woodchipper and dump truck in our runway sized driveway because they’re chopping down trees in their backyard. They have never once asked us if this is ok. I’m sure it never even crossed their minds.

(Maybe I should send them a copy of “Fargo”…?)

It seems pretty cut and dried, doesn’t it? Just ask them to stop using our property? Well, here’s where it gets sticky.

Apparently, there’s several inches of our driveway on their land according to the survey map. It’s been this way forever, and we were told about this before we bought the house. However, with the previous neighbors it was not an issue. They were great friends of ours. They always asked if they needed to use the driveway. It never became a day to day habit.

We’ve looked into correcting this problem in the spring by removing the offending piece of driveway, but according to the town, we would need a lawyer and so would they, we’d need their permission, etc…and it’s apparently not as simple as we had thought it would be. Sounds pretty costly. I dunno. We’re going to look into that more closely.

In the meantime though, it’s inches. Not the whole friggin’ driveway, so stop using it like you own it, bitches.

We thought maybe we’d get those reflector thingees you poke into the ground and just line that side of the driveway with them, but we’d need stands or something because the land on the other side of the driveway belongs to them. I’ve thought maybe of getting some big landscaping rocks, big enough they can’t drive over them, and lining the driveway with those, but Craig is worried about ruining the blacktop with sink marks.

We’ve also talked about just going over there and talking to them about it, but we’re concerned it would backfire on us.

I’m really at my wit’s end with these people. Do you all have any ideas? Please leave a comment! The guy at Home Depot last night suggested a shot gun. *grinchuckle* I’m not sure we’re ready to go quite that far.



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wink.gif So, I’ve been pretty busy. Spent this afternoon working on reorganizing and reformating Terminally Cute. Not only is there a new look, but I’ve changed alot of the links as well. I was so sick of the old layout, I needed something fresh & new. Lemme know how you likey!

I have also finally succumbed to the evil that is MySpace. You can find me here. Please stop by and holla at me, would you?

Aside from that I’ve been busy working. That’s about it. I’ve gotten super addicted to Lonelygirl15 again, and have been working on some wallpapers and avatars featuring Jonas & Bree. It’s taking me awhile, ’cause I want them to be just so, but as soon as they’re done, I’ll be sure to post them.

Feeling alot better lately-and am getting some of my energy back. FINALLY. I’m actually starting to get interested in writing projects again & stuff. Working on some poetry as well as working on some book & script ideas.

You’ve had to have heard about the huge pet food recall. Our cats & our dog have long been eating a couple of the brands that were mentioned in the recall. Needless to say, we pulled them off those foods (Nutro Max) as soon as we heard, and switched to other brands with no real ill side effects. Bishy did have a bit of an upset tummy the weekend prior to the recall, accompanied by some vomiting, but he’s so sensitive anyway, that’s pretty much a common occurance and nothing to really worry about, though we did watch him very closely after we heard about the recall. The cats have been fine, so I think we’re in the clear all the way around. From what I’ve read, we’ve really lucked out. There’s been alot of deaths, and I can imagine the lawsuits will start to pile up.

I have to call my dad tomorrow. *makes a face* He called last weekend, but I was in the basement doing laundry and didn’t reach the phone in time. I didn’t bother calling back because I didn’t want to ruin my weekend. How horrible is that? Anyway, I think he thinks he’s gonna talk us into coming down over Easter weekend, but that is so not happening. Craig is going to Boston this week, and so when he comes back, we’ll want to just hang out at home and relax. Going to dad’s is like work, and is not relaxing at all. Not to even mention the fact that we have to sleep all squished up in this double bed that’s as hard as a rock, when we’re totally used to our king sized pillowtop. SO uncomfy. I cannot even begin to tell you. Between that and the bitchy instigating comments, and everything else that’s unpleasant about visiting him, it just sucks.

Going to see Grindhouse on Friday, and am totally psyched. Speaking of which, I need to catch up on my movie reviews. I saw “300” in Imax a couple of weeks ago, and it kicked so much ass. *seriousnods* Yep. Go see it.


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days.jpg …It’s been awhile….

My health is still not 100%, but I’m getting closer. *s* While I’ve totally recovered from the virus that I’d been fighting forever, it’s been taking me a while to get on my feet from the RA after stopping my meds in order to combat the flu. I’ve been back on my meds for four weeks now, and they are just now beginning to kick in a little. I’m achy still in different joints every day. Tired & low energy too. But it has improved from what it was, so hey…*shrugs* Today, though, I actually had to go into the rheumatologist again for an ultrasound and a shot of steroids into my left palm-I have tendonitis for the second time in a month. Yay. *rolls eyes* If I think on it for too long or too hard, I get depressed, so I’m just trying not to dwell and take every day as it comes, instead of several at once. I just have to hang in there. Honestly though, it’s really hard not to be totally depressed at times, and dwell on what a shit hand I’ve been dealt health-wise.

There is good news though! *g* I finally found a fantastic job, and am back to work! FINALLY! Yay me! I’m working as a receptionist for a real estate corporation, and totally loving it. It’s not much different from what I was doing previously before I got laid off. The people are really nice, and the work itself is no big deal. Very low stress, which is what I need. I’m there through a temp agency, and the position is temp to hire, but I think they’ll hire me-they seem to really like me, and I totally fit in.

Previous to finding this job, I actually was hired by another company (a waste management/recycling company), and was only there a few days before deciding I totally hated it. You see, they kinda of misled me at the interview & when they hired me, not being totally up front about the position. I was told I would be doing four hours of clerical type work in the morning, and then four hours in the scalehouse, weighing trucks in and out. When I asked about this, I was told that it was primarily clerical, and that there would be no “on my feet” for four hours (I can’t handle that with the RA). They LIED. I was not only on my feet for four hours a day, but also running in and out of the office all day long in the cold, because the scalehouse is not part of the office. (Grr.) I could not just quit because then I would have NO money coming in-I would not be able to get back on unemployment as I had accepted a job offer. Sooo, I had to stick it out at the “death camp” until I found something else.

Luckily for me, my recruiter is waaay on top of things and found the perfect job for me. I interviewed first thing in the morning, found out later that same morning that I got the job, and so I quit the “death camp” moments later. *hugegrin*

Funny story-the night before the interview, my crown fell out as I was brushing my teeth, leaving me with a huge gaping whole in the side of my smile. Craig said you could barely tell, but I was soooo upset. Here I am, hanging by a thread, hoping against hope that I get this job, desperate to escape the “death camp”…and I look all toothless! I was mortified. Anyway, I went to the interview, tried to keep that side of my mouth angled away from the supervisors interviewing me, and hoped like hell no one noticed. And I must have done something right, because I landed the job! And got my crown put back in that following weekend.

Now, I have to go back this weekend ’cause the stupid thing is loose again. I feel like a little kid with a loose tooth-I keep wriggling it with my tongue, and I can’t seem to leave it alone. I wonder what the tooth faerie would leave for me? The deductible?

My oldest cat, Sheaffer, has also been sick. He stopped eating for several days, and after several trips to the vet for a catheter & fluids, as well as some radiographs, it was determined that he has a mass tucked just between his spine and gastrointestinal system. It’s about the size of an egg. They offered to send us for an ultrasound, to see if it could be removed, but after much thought we decided against that. With his age, he’s a very poor anesthetic risk, and with the not eating for so long, he’s in poor shape for a surgery. Should he survive the surgery, would he survive the recovery? We don’t know, and so decided it would be better to let him live out his final days in comfort. The doctor gave him a shot of steroids to help entice his appetite, and ever since he’s been eating great, and has definately perked up to almost normal standards. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, and we figure as long as he’s eating and happy, we’re doing ok. As soon as he seems to decline again, I think we’ll take him in and have him put to sleep. *sadsigh* I’ve been crying alot lately.

During my little “hiatus,” I also found out some information about myself I was not prepared for. I don’t want to go too far into it here, as I really feel it deserves a post all it’s own, so hopefully within the next couple days, I’ll have that up and ready for your reading consumption.

I think a long while ago I may have mentioned I’m a bit voyueristic. I think that’s why I enjoy reading personal blogs so much. Even though, more often than not, I don’t know the writer, I’m usually utterly entranced with reading about the ins and outs of a life not mine. I hope what I leave for you to read is as good as the stuff I enjoy reading-I hope you enjoy it, and feel like you know me a little.


PS…Please check out Lily Allen’s new album “Alright, Still” I heart her music! She’s my new fav!

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How freakin’ cute is that??!!

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the-call-of-c.gif Alrighty. So, time to catch up…

The flight home from Tennessee was great, the weather was perfect. Getting up at 4:30am was gruelling, but we needed to be to the airport by 6am. The advantage of such early flights was getting home at 11am, which gave us alot of the day still, which was awesome. We were sad to leave, of course, but really glad to get home. Our animals totally missed us, so we had quite the little welcoming committee of cats as soon as we walked in the door. We picked up Bishy the following day at the kennel as we figured we’d need some time to unwind and unpack and what not.

We weren’t home long before we decided to go out and take advantage of some of the Black Friday sales. We bought an indecent amount of DVDs, and Craig found a few new shirts & sweaters for work. I didn’t get clothes for myself because I shopped quite a bit before going on vaca, and really didn’t need anything. I need to start my Yule shopping, however…and rather soon! It’s quickly approaching!!

Saturday morning we got up way too early, and headed out to pick up Bish from the kennel. We stopped at Brueggers on the way for cinnamon & sugar bagels with cream sheese. Yums! We board Bishy at Orchard Kennels-they specialize in large dog boarding, and do a fantastic job. This is the longest he’s been away at the kennel though, and we were a bit worried about him. He did ok though, and was also very happy to see us. He did seem very tired, and even now, is still trying to catch up on his sleep. We don’t think he got alot of sleep at the kennel. He was also realllly stinky when we picked him up. So, after spending a few hours at home, it was off to PetSmart as Bishy was scheduled for a sorely needed bath and full grooming session. We picked him up a couple hours later, smelling like holiday cookies, and looking totally spiff. He loves going there, and all the employees know him, and always give him lots of attention, so it’s a struggle getting him out. Especially after getting groomed. He prances around all cute like he knows he’s top dog…and he is. *grinchuckles* At least in our eyes!

This morning, we did some early morning grocery shopping, but that’s it. We’ve been home just hanging out all day. We watched “The DaVinci Code” for the second time-love that movie, and caught up on all the shows we Tivoed while we were gone.

Now, some things I didn’t mention last week…

Issues with the SIL again. Her and her husband were supposed to take us to the airport and pick us up-that was the plan. They offered, we didn’t ask. We have done the same thing for them several times when they have asked, all with no issues on our part. Craig called the morning we were to leave to confirm with them what time they were to pick us up, and apparently, she was acting very…reluctant…kinda like it was a burden, and she just didn’t feel like dealing with it. Craig got off the phone with her feeling very put off by the whole situation. He said her attitude and tone seemed to say pretty clearly that they felt put out by the whole prospect of giving us a ride. After talking about it, we decided we would rather just drive ourselves, and pay the long term parking. This way, we’re not obligated to return any more “favors” and the next time they ask us, we can say no. We decided we’d give them the opportunity to “back out” and called them and said that the neighbors had offered to take us as well, so it was up to them what they wanted to do. Of course, they backed out. We weren’t surprised. It’s funny, they ~always~ ask us to watch their cat, or ask us for rides to & from the airport, or ask to borrow stuff, but when we need something, it’s like a huge imposition. *sigh* It used to make me really sad that she treated me so terribly. I had thought we could be friends. Now, it just makes me really mad that she’s beginning to treat Craig the same way. She’s such a selfish, self-involved bitch sometimes. I really wish she would just grow the hell up, and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her. There are other people on this planet, ya know.

I called my dad on Thanksgiving. Several times actually. He never picked up. Now, I always call on the holidays, or he calls me. I KNOW he knew it was me, and he still chose not to answer. *hugesigh* I got really upset. I didn’t let it ruin the day though, and I kept it between Craig and I. It really really hurts me, still, everytime he does something like this, even though I’ve dealt with this my entire life, and shouldn’t be surprised by his actions. He’s just such a complete and total asshole. I would give everything for just a few moments of humanity and real emotion from my dad. Minutes of just being treated like a daughter that a father loves dearly. I never had that. I never will. I told Craig Thanksgiving day that I was done with my dad, though I’m not even really sure what that means. I told him that sometimes I feel like I just became out of nothing…like I was hatched from an egg or dropped from the sky. I have no real connections of family, just shadows. Not even that, maybe.

Over vaca, we played a few games, one of which was dominos. Now, my granny taught me how to play dominos when I was like 6 or 7, and I haven’t played since that long ago, either. I had forgotten all about how to play. I’m a quick learner though, and won almost every single hand, every game played. We also played a variation on dominos called Spinners. I am now completely and hopelessly addicted to both games, and will be asking for them both on my Yule list. *grinwink*

It’s taken me a few days to recover from traveling. I’ve been very tired, and running around here and there over the weekend prolly only made it harder. I was really lucky with the RA over the vaca, the only issues I’m having besides the tiredness, which is par for the course, are the continuing issues in my left thumb, and my right foot. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the decrease in my methotrexate dose (7 tablets once weekly to 6 tablets once weekly) from my last appointment may be the culprit here. Kinda sucks as we’d been hoping to wean me off the methotrexate eventually. My next appointment is in January, and I’m loathe to schedule another before then, as my general practioner wants me to see a therapist for my stress and I’m not sure yet what exactly that will entail and how much it will cost.

I will try and post some pics of vaca this week. I have some cute ones!


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Random Cuteness

Awww…cute kitteh antics!

(I’m still exhausted. There will be more tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the awesome kittenness. ~TC)

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nun.jpg Today consisted of sleep, a shopping trip in which I bought nothing except gum & a large cherry Icee, and eating way too many cookies.

Vaca is good. Though I wish I had found cool stuff to buy. Pffft. *grinshrugs*


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