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…so says my hubby.

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s work to find cat vomit on the bed. Even though we have the four, it’s pretty easy to figure out who exactly the culprit is. Willow.

If Willow were a person, she would be Rosie Perez. She’s got that whole ghetto superstar thing down. She’s a little psychotic, a bit neurotic, and a whole lot of bitchy.

She doesn’t like her long fur. She would rather be naked, and when we get her shaved down in a lion cut, she prances around like she just knows she’s the shit. We haven’t taken her to the groomer’s in awhile, so she’s taken the task on herself of eliminating her fur by pulling it out in mouthfuls here and there as part of her daily cleaning routine. This explains the hairballs.

Willow spends probably 95% of her time on the bed. She only gets down to eat and to use the potty. She likes to sleep. When she’s not sleeping on the bed, she’s “monitoring the situation.”

Regardless, puke on the bed means more laundry for me, and I was almost caught up, darn it. So after throwing a couple blankets in the wash & towels in the dryer, Craig and I were off to Home Depot to find a solution for another issue. Stupid, inconsiderate neighbors.

Earlier in the year, our dear friends next door sold their home and moved away. The people they sold to, Kim and Mike, are the most inconsiderate, thoughtless people I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to neighbor with. They are constantly, every day, using our driveway to pull in and out of their own tiny driveway, rather than move one of their own cars so they can get out or drive on their own lawn to back out. All without asking for permission. It’s driving Craig and I insane.

Twice this summer, we’ve come home to find a gigantic woodchipper and dump truck in our runway sized driveway because they’re chopping down trees in their backyard. They have never once asked us if this is ok. I’m sure it never even crossed their minds.

(Maybe I should send them a copy of “Fargo”…?)

It seems pretty cut and dried, doesn’t it? Just ask them to stop using our property? Well, here’s where it gets sticky.

Apparently, there’s several inches of our driveway on their land according to the survey map. It’s been this way forever, and we were told about this before we bought the house. However, with the previous neighbors it was not an issue. They were great friends of ours. They always asked if they needed to use the driveway. It never became a day to day habit.

We’ve looked into correcting this problem in the spring by removing the offending piece of driveway, but according to the town, we would need a lawyer and so would they, we’d need their permission, etc…and it’s apparently not as simple as we had thought it would be. Sounds pretty costly. I dunno. We’re going to look into that more closely.

In the meantime though, it’s inches. Not the whole friggin’ driveway, so stop using it like you own it, bitches.

We thought maybe we’d get those reflector thingees you poke into the ground and just line that side of the driveway with them, but we’d need stands or something because the land on the other side of the driveway belongs to them. I’ve thought maybe of getting some big landscaping rocks, big enough they can’t drive over them, and lining the driveway with those, but Craig is worried about ruining the blacktop with sink marks.

We’ve also talked about just going over there and talking to them about it, but we’re concerned it would backfire on us.

I’m really at my wit’s end with these people. Do you all have any ideas? Please leave a comment! The guy at Home Depot last night suggested a shot gun. *grinchuckle* I’m not sure we’re ready to go quite that far.



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attack.png I am really upset. Very angry. And typing this one handed to boot. My left wrist and forearm is completely swollen. And painful. Very Painful. My right elbow is also completely fucked up.

This is the worse flare I’ve ever had, and it just keeps moving around from one set of joints to the next.

I’m so sick of being sick. I hate it.

We watched a Smurfs episode last night that featured Grumpy Smurf. He walks around the Smurf village exclaiming everything he hates, and when the Smurfs were in trouble, and someone shouted out “oOh Noes!”….Grumpy replied that he “hates ‘oOh Noes!” Cute, huh?

I can identify with Grumpy Smurf right now. I know exactly how he feels. Poor little bitter Smurfling.

Now somewhere there’s a pretty pink darvocet with my name on it.

Smoochies nonetheless,

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let-it-snow.gif Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday is done…release the shoppers & fire up the credit card machines, the holiday season is upon us! *g*

We had a really nice Thanksgiving, spending it with friends in Honeoye Lake. It snowed, which added to the coziness of being inside a warm & yummy kitchen, chatting & eating & acting goofy. This morning we even got up at 4am & headed out to Circuit City in Henrietta to take part in the early morning shopping insanity, something we’ve never done before. It’s amazing, the thousands of people all lined up around the edges of buildings, credit cards & cash in hand, all looking for the after Thanksgiving deals. We actually didn’t buy anything, the lines were so long, and the bargains not that fab that we couldn’t just find the same deals online, less the hassle. Plus, it smelled terrible–like unwashed bodies & morning breath & farts.

My father tried to infiltrate & ruin another holiday, but was unsuccessful, thankfully. I don’t really feel like getting into it. We’ve rehashed it enough ourselves over the last 24 hours. Suffice it to say, he is up to his controlling & manipulating hijinks again. We are having none of it much to his dismay.

I’m really craving something sweet right now, and am seriously considering going downstairs and making some sort of baked good. *sigh* My butt does not really need baked goods at 9pm at night, ya know what I’m saying?

We went out for dinner tonight at the Winfield Grill. Yum. I had Chicken Parm and Craiger has broiled scallops. Both entrees were great, but our shared appetizer was the best–clams casino. *happysigh*

I’m behind in email, and flaring in my left pinkie. I’m waaaaaaaaay behind in my NaNo word count & no longer care. I will finish, but on my own time. The fire is under my ass. *cutegrin* That was the whole point in the first place.


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That’s right. *happydance* In a recent interview, Joss Whedon told EW’s Jeff Jensen that he will be picking up the show right after it left off at season 7, in comic book form. Expect 25-30 issues, beginning this coming March.


So what’s the 411 on our favorite vampy Slayer?

”Not so much with the freedom,” quips Whedon. ”Not that everything is dire and angsty and season six-y, But she’s dealing with the consequences of having empowered thousands of girls around the world. She may have closed the Hellmouth under Sunnydale and defeated The First. But evil? Still rampant!”

Awesome. *hugegrin* We love fighting the Big Bad.

5 X 5,

Oh, and for even more info, browse the news links at Whedonesque.

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