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beagley So, I’ve been trying to write a blog post for days now, but nothing’s coming. The problem is not that there’s nothing going on. The problem is that there’s too much going on and honestly, where do I freaking begin?

Some stuff I can’t discuss, namely the stuff at work. Work is completely ridiculous right now. Things are happening in upper management that are just drastically changing the face of how my company has always done things. Employees are nervous, scared, confused, upset, frustrated, angry—you name it. There is very little communication. Couple all of that with what’s going on with the economy and you have a pretty good idea of the chaotic mess we face daily. Not good.

Dad had quadruple bypass surgery 10 days ago at Rochester General and is doing great! He was discharged this past Monday and is happy to be back at the nursing home. I’m still having a really hard time balancing all this Dad stuff. It takes so much time from not just me, but Craig too. Finances, appointments, visits, needs, wants—it is definately alot. And then dealing with his sister, who’s been such a huge bitch, is just another headache. She called on Sunday around 7 or 8pm, the night before he was discharged, telling me she and her family were coming for a visit this coming weekend from PA & MD. Several times, I very patiently explained why I thought this was not a good idea. He’s just getting discharged, he needs recovery time, he will be very tired and not really up for an extended visit. She told me in no uncertain terms that she comes “now or not at all.” She also was intent on asking wildly inappropriate questions, such as how we’re paying for his care. *shakes her head*

She doesn’t understand. This is not about her. It’s about him. Let the man have some recovery time for crying out loud, before you come blasting your way up here, expecting all day visits. Saying you’re coming now or not at all, doesn’t punish me, it punishes him. I could give a shit whether you came or not. In fact, it would be one less headache for me if you stayed home. And it is absolutely none of her business how we’re paying for anything! Of course, I said none of this to her in the spirit of niceness, getting along and respecting one’s elders.

She didn’t hear a word I said the entire conversation, but rather competed by talking over me. Just like my dad does. I just let her do it. She was rude and classless, and bullied me for information, while I was nice to the Nth degree and tolerant, oh so tolerant. At the end of the conversation, I was left with the impression that she will do whatever the hell she wants to do, regardless. I think she thinks I am deterring her visit because she believes I’m hiding something from her and so now she’ll be more determined than ever to get up here this weekend. Grrrrrr. Let the poor man have some rest!!!!

I feel stressed. I feel like I have no control over my life. I feel like my life really isn’t even my own any more. It sucks. THIS SUCKS. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is some good stuff though. *sparklygrin* I’m enrolled in bellydance classes again-actually my 8 week course is almost over and it’s nearly time to sign up again. I took a hoopdance class as well this time around and absolutely loved it. I’m completely hooked now. As soon as my instructor posts her new class schedule, I’ll be signing up again for that as well and bringing a friend or two with me.

Thanks to Facebook, I’m back in touch with my cousin John (from my mom’s side) *grinwavies* as well as a few other people I’d kinda lost track of. Yay! I heart Facebook.

We saw Fleetwood Mac in March and had mad awesome seats!!!! Craig had gotten us tickets for my birthday the day they had gone on sale. Then a couple weeks before the concert, I won two more tickets, also pretty great seats, and gave those to a friend of mine and her boyfriend. It was such an AWESOME show. I loved it!!!!!! And I was sooo sad when it was over-I didn’t want it to ever end. Lindsay, Stevie and Mick all looked fantastic and performed as though they enjoyed every second of it. It was a magical night!

The nice weather is slowly starting to get here. Yay! I’m excited about doing gardening and flowers and vegetables again this year.

My inlaws are moving back to this area from TN. They close on their new house in May, so that’s pretty exciting. We’ll be glad to have them back.

I’m rereading the entire Laurell K. Hamilton “Anita Blake” collection and so I haven’t really read anything new, so to speak, in awhile. I’m on the 14th one right now-“Danse Macabre.” These later books are so full of the ardeur-it sometimes gets a little tiring, but I do still enjoy them. Once, I’m done with those, I wanna reread Charlaine Harris’ “Sookie Stackhouse” series, hopefully before the new season of True Blood starts! *happysigh* I lovelovelove that show. That alone is worth the cost of HBO, not to mention the Tudors and Big Love and all the other great series.

I’m also addicted to The United States of Tara on Showtime.

I guess that’s about it for now. Happy Hump Day! We’re almost to the weekend-yay! Now, if I can just make it though the rest of the day…..



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…so says my hubby.

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s work to find cat vomit on the bed. Even though we have the four, it’s pretty easy to figure out who exactly the culprit is. Willow.

If Willow were a person, she would be Rosie Perez. She’s got that whole ghetto superstar thing down. She’s a little psychotic, a bit neurotic, and a whole lot of bitchy.

She doesn’t like her long fur. She would rather be naked, and when we get her shaved down in a lion cut, she prances around like she just knows she’s the shit. We haven’t taken her to the groomer’s in awhile, so she’s taken the task on herself of eliminating her fur by pulling it out in mouthfuls here and there as part of her daily cleaning routine. This explains the hairballs.

Willow spends probably 95% of her time on the bed. She only gets down to eat and to use the potty. She likes to sleep. When she’s not sleeping on the bed, she’s “monitoring the situation.”

Regardless, puke on the bed means more laundry for me, and I was almost caught up, darn it. So after throwing a couple blankets in the wash & towels in the dryer, Craig and I were off to Home Depot to find a solution for another issue. Stupid, inconsiderate neighbors.

Earlier in the year, our dear friends next door sold their home and moved away. The people they sold to, Kim and Mike, are the most inconsiderate, thoughtless people I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to neighbor with. They are constantly, every day, using our driveway to pull in and out of their own tiny driveway, rather than move one of their own cars so they can get out or drive on their own lawn to back out. All without asking for permission. It’s driving Craig and I insane.

Twice this summer, we’ve come home to find a gigantic woodchipper and dump truck in our runway sized driveway because they’re chopping down trees in their backyard. They have never once asked us if this is ok. I’m sure it never even crossed their minds.

(Maybe I should send them a copy of “Fargo”…?)

It seems pretty cut and dried, doesn’t it? Just ask them to stop using our property? Well, here’s where it gets sticky.

Apparently, there’s several inches of our driveway on their land according to the survey map. It’s been this way forever, and we were told about this before we bought the house. However, with the previous neighbors it was not an issue. They were great friends of ours. They always asked if they needed to use the driveway. It never became a day to day habit.

We’ve looked into correcting this problem in the spring by removing the offending piece of driveway, but according to the town, we would need a lawyer and so would they, we’d need their permission, etc…and it’s apparently not as simple as we had thought it would be. Sounds pretty costly. I dunno. We’re going to look into that more closely.

In the meantime though, it’s inches. Not the whole friggin’ driveway, so stop using it like you own it, bitches.

We thought maybe we’d get those reflector thingees you poke into the ground and just line that side of the driveway with them, but we’d need stands or something because the land on the other side of the driveway belongs to them. I’ve thought maybe of getting some big landscaping rocks, big enough they can’t drive over them, and lining the driveway with those, but Craig is worried about ruining the blacktop with sink marks.

We’ve also talked about just going over there and talking to them about it, but we’re concerned it would backfire on us.

I’m really at my wit’s end with these people. Do you all have any ideas? Please leave a comment! The guy at Home Depot last night suggested a shot gun. *grinchuckle* I’m not sure we’re ready to go quite that far.


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OMG. I was totally gonna blog about something personal tonight, but then I saw this article from US Magazine online, and I just couldn’t resist.

Seems Ms. Britney Spears is on an ever quickening downward spiral of shame, blame, and self-mutilation. Good thing we have all those paparazi to capture it all on film. Just when you think you’ve seen every bit of Britney–literally–she goes all Sinead on us.

I swear she is just such a train wreck, and yet, I can’t seem to look away.


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yeah2.jpg My company just laid me off. It has nothing to do with my perfomance, I do a stellar job, everyone loves me.

It didn’t save my job though, did it?


They are restructuring & downsizing, laying off at least 60 people today alone. Apparently they wanted to wait until after the elections as one of the now elected candidate’s platforms was that he saved all our jobs at this specific company. They will be closing my lobby altogether, as well as the switchboard, allowing the guards to answer the phone down at the gate.


I hope you all take it directly up the ass.

Damn the man,

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retarded.png You’ve got to be fucking joking me….

…Halloween, the next national holiday…

*rolls eyes*…looove this…

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Grrr. Dad.

data.gif I mentioned a few posts ago that my dad was being kind of a jerk (to put it mildly). Well, it’s been three weeks now, I think, since we last talked, and I’ve tried calling and he won’t answer the phone. Yesterday & last night, I called several times, just letting it ring. I even tried the weird little ring code we’ve had since I was in college. When he did answer, he wouldn’t say anything, just hung up, and then took the phone off the hook-when I called back, I got a busy tone. He knew it was me. He hasn’t made any efforts on his end to contact me either.

He’s pouting.

WTF? He’s 80 years old, not 10. We had scheduled time at the kennel for the dog, so we could take a weekend trip to see him, but screw that if he thinks I’m going to drive down there now.

My father has always been not very nice, so this is not unusual behavior. I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore. I guess I just kind of hold on to some ridiculous hope that he’ll treat me in a loving manner someday. Absurd to think that when the man acts most of the time as though he doesn’t even like me as a person, much less a daughter.

At this point, I have had it.

Last Thanksgiving, a similar situation arose. We had only been in our house a few months, and my dad kept promising he’d be up for the holiday, and would stay a few days. I was reallyreallyreally excited!!! A couple days prior to Turkey Day, Dad bailed, big surprise. I was, of course, vastly disappointed. He acted as though it was no big deal. He didn’t even have a good excuse. He just didn’t want to be bothered. My husband half expected it to turn out that way anyway-he knows exactly how my dad is-and feels we should just be happy he showed up for our wedding.

My dad never should have had a child-he’s a horrible parent, and always has been (when he’s been around). Yes, he’s been a good provider, financially speaking, though even that was sketchy when I was very young, and my parents were newly divorced. But as far as providing love & care, and all the stuff good dads do for their daughters, my dad missed the boat. He’s never told me that he’s proud of me, rather the opposite, and I have to goad him into it in order to get a hug, or an “I love you.” He doesn’t even know who I am really, and has no desire to find out. It’s really very sad, but he’s so mean, and controlling, and sometimes so downright nasty, that it makes it not matter so much at times. Visits and phonecalls have long become a chore, and an inconvenience; something to suffer through & endure. I don’t want it to be this way, but he’ll never change.

I guess I’ll try and call him again tonight.


{Wanted to add that I wrote this post this morning at work today, but was unable to post it as something was all wonky with our connection. With that said, I did try to contact my dad again tonight, with no answer. He’s being a total ass. Craig says that he thinks we should just not try again, and just wait until he contacts us. Let him stew, in other words. He says he’ll be dealing with my dad from now on, that it’s not worth it to stress, and have it affect my health, just because my father hasn’t yet mastered at the ripe old age of 80 how to behave properly, and get along with people, not to mention actually treat his daughter in an amicable manner. *shakes head* My father is such a control freak, and just really enjoys playing games, and manipulating, and making everyone around him miserable. Whatever. I’m so sick of the whole thing honestly. If this is what he wants so be it.}

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Toddler gets trapped inside vending machine in an attempt to snag a Spongebob.

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