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oneday I know, I know. I start posting again only to just disappear without a warning. Didn’t you know that dropping off the face of the earth is one of my best things? Really. It’s true.

Actually, I had intended to just step away for a few days to enjoy the holidays, but as is the tradition in our family, drama-rama happens.

The Saturday after Xmas, we found our water heater had been dying a slow and agonizing death in the basement, probably for several days, as the basement floor was covered in a few inches of water. Luckily, we have a guy and he was able to come over pretty quickly to help take care of things. Craig and Bob popped over to Home Depot, picked up a new water heater, and within a matter of hours, we were all good.

That following Monday I got a call at work from my dad’s neighbor that the ambulance was there and my dad was on his way to the hospital. They weren’t sure what was wrong, other than he had fallen and cut his finger pretty badly. Turns out he had had a heart attack and a stroke, and had fallen twice, dislocating his shoulder as well as lacerating a finger pretty badly. I had taken Wednesday and Friday off to take advantage of the scheduled holiday, and so instead of enjoying a small vacation, I ended up driving in a panic down to Utica to care for my dad. I’ve been going down every weekend since.

His shoulder has been repaired and he’s had a pacemaker put in. He’s now in a stroke recovery facility where he will stay for about six weeks. After that it’s back to the hospital for a bypass. He’s in pretty good spirits for the most part, and seems a lot better since they’ve installed the pacemaker. He has none of the facial lameness that typically accompanies a stroke, though he does have some speech slurring and he’s having issues walking and keeping his balance.

I am exhausted, physically and emotionally just spent. I’m bummed because I have all these things I want to accomplish this year and I haven’t really been able to focus on anything except my dad and just getting through each day.

Prior to this happening, I was doing really well with eating healthy foods, counting my cals and exercising when I could. I’d lost quite a big chunk of weight and felt crazy motivated. That has all fallen to the wayside at this point, and I’m struggling to find my focus again. I’m really disappointed in myself, though I am not giving up the fight!

On the flip side, with all of this stress, I, surprisingly, am not flaring!!! Yay, Orencia!!!! It’s finally kicked in! *knocks on wood* I’ve even been walking about barefoot, something I could never do before—my feet would hurt too badly. All in all, I’m experiencing very little to no joint pain & swelling. I’m really excited and hope it continues! Kick-ass!!

I will try to post more often now that things are finally settling down a bit. I reallyreally need to get back to where I was before the holidays. I miss me. Oh, and I had a crappy birthday. So did my Dad.



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omg-rudolphI love this time of year, and I love Christmas music! It only seemed right to throw together a playlist of some of my favs, so that you might take a listen too!

Do you hear what I hear? *g*

Check it out on Rhapsody here!

  • Suzy Snowflake – (with Tony Mottola & His Orchestra) Rosemary Clooney
  • I Saw Three Ships – Sting
  • A Marshmallow World – Dean Martin
  • Carol Of The Bells – Straight No Chaser
  • The Holly & The Ivy – Mediaeval Baebes
  • The Christmas Waltz – Kristin Chenoweth
  • Sleighride – Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Gettin’ In The Mood (For Christmas) – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Barenaked Ladies
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Jewel
  • River -Joni Mitchell
  • 2000 Miles – Pretenders
  • Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
  • All That I Want – The Weepies
  • The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Sarah McLachlan

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labyrinth.gif This afternoon, a search query on “what do the french leave for santa” led some poor clueless wanderer to Terminally Cute. Because I do my best to answer the hard hitting questions *snicker*, I did a little research on “Pere Noel.” (read: I needed something to fill space for tonight’s post. TGI-almost the end of NaBloPoMo! *g*)

The French call Santa, “Pere Noel,” which in their language means “Father Christmas.” French children leave carrots and hay in their shoes for Pere Noel’s reindeer, and toys & gifts are left in return. Pere Noel makes two visits to children who have been especially good, showing first on December 6th, St. Nicholas Eve, and then again on December 24th, Christmas Eve. Adults usually exchange gifts on New Years Day. He travels with Pre Fouettard, a stern disciplinarian who keeps track of which children have been naughty and which have been nice.

Hmm. I think the next search query I’ll tackle is “what it’s like to be a sociopath.”


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I must warn you, this is completely addicting…..


Need a Snow Day?

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A Holiday Meme

eye.jpg And just ’cause I’m in the mood, a holiday meme…..

1.) Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Egg Nog…yummmm….*g*

2.) Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa wraps presents, very creatively too, I must say! Lots of bows & ribbons & cute little thingees entangled in them.

3.) Colored lights on tree/house or white? Colored when we do a real tree, though last year we got a prelit tree, and the lights are white.

4.) Do you hang mistletoe? Oh yes.

5.) When do you put your decorations up? We usually do it around the 15th, just after Craig’s birthday.

6.) What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? I LOVE IT ALL. I am not kidding. Roast poultry with stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes is like one of my fav things.

7.) Favorite Christmas memory as a child? I don’t really remember any of those.

8.) When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I think maybe sometime around the age of 6 or 7, prolly from my mom.

9.) Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No, we prefer to torture ourselves all Xmas eve night, staring at the prettily wrapped presents! It’s so much more fun opening them the next morning!!

10.) How do you decorate your Christmas tree? We have a ton of cute little crafty-country-type ornaments mixed with colored glass balls and candy canes and little stuffed ornaments (cats and bears and rabbits and santas and snowmen) and we use silver fabric ribbons & bows instead of garland. The whole effect is very whimsical and charming.

11.) Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it in December, by February, I’m sick of it.

12.) Can you ice skate? Yep.

13.) Do you remember your favorite gift? My fav Xmas present ever is a beautiful necklace Craig gave me our 1st Xmas together.

14.) What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Spending time with family and friends.

15.) What is your favorite holiday desert? Dutch apple pie, warm, with french vanilla ice cream. Hmm, also xmas cookies. Yummm.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Staying up really late on xmas eve, cuddling in front of the tree with my honey.

17.) What tops your tree? An angel bear

18.) Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Both!

19.) What is your favorite Christmas Song? I love them all, but I think prolly “Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas,” “Suzy Snowflake,” I want a Hippopotamus for Xmas, ” & “White Xmas” are my absolute favs.

21.) Favorite Christmas Movie? “The Family Stone” (rent this if you haven’t seen it, it’s excellent!!) and “Elf.” Craig loves “Home Alone 1 & 2.”

22.) What do you leave for Santa? Cookies & milk, of course. *grinwink* With some spiked eggnog on the side.

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fooish_iconsart20.png Well, the holidays are almost upon us, and I am so totally excited!! And I’m not alone in my excited enthusiasm it seems either! I had to run to the library tonight and pick up some books on hold, as well as stop by the thrift store, and while I was flipping through the channels on the radio I discovered that Warm 101.3 has already begun playing continuous christmas tunes for the holiday season. Yay!! *sparklygrin* I cranked up the volume and sang along the entire time I was in the car. *chuckles* I only wished they had played “Suzie Snowflake”….


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sadkat.jpg It’s been awhile since I updated, I know.

I had orginally planned to take the weekend after NaBloPoMo off, take a blog break, so to speak. My immune system is a big, fat traitor, however. I’ve been really sick, and the thing is, I’m not getting any better. Wicked sore throat, constant and horrible cough, absolutely no voice, achiness, headaches, on & off low grade fever, etc. I’m getting no sleep. The last two weeks have been horrible. The doctor claimed last week it was viral, though since I’m not getting better, and am in fact, getting worse, she called in some antibiotics for me today. I have the RA to thank for my compromised immune system. Hate the RA, hate it.

To top that off, I also somehow ended up with tendonitis in one of the fingers on my right hand. It completely froze in this clawlike position, and I could not straighten my finger at all. Very painful. A little scary, as both Craig and I thought immediately that it was something to do with my RA, and that it was going to be a permanent thing. After a trip to the rheumatologist, a shot of steroids directly into my palm, and several trips to the physical therapist, I am on the mend, as far as that goes. I have to wear a splint for awhile though, and will need to continue with physical therapy for some time. Seems having the RA leaves me prone to things like this. *sigh* Of course.

Craig’s in Boston this week, on business, but will be home tomorrow night-until then it’s just me and the animals. I miss him tons, and it sucks when he has to make these trips, but climbing up the corporate ladder is not all fun & games. He does a great job, and I’m really proud of him.

Tomorrow is actually Craig’s birthday, and while we don’t have any official plans yet, I’m guessing he’ll probably want to go out to dinner Saturday night, if I’m feeling up to it. I’m making his cake tomorrow afternoon, chocolate on chocolate, of course. And I’ve got his birthday shopping and Yule shopping all done, I just need to wrap stuff.

There’s only ten more shopping days ’til Xmas. As far as I know, Craig hasn’t done any shopping at all yet-he better get started! *g* Together, we still need to buy for Craig’s parents, as well as his sister and her husband. We also need to get some gifts for the animals. The cats share a paw shaped stocking, while Bishy has his own bone shaped stocking. The bird has no stocking, but I don’t think he cares. *grinchuckle*

We haven’t decorated yet, or done our cards-we’ll probably do that this weekend. We also need to do some grocery shopping next week. I may bow out of doing cookies this year, it depends how I feel. Gods, so much to do, not much time to do it in, and that’s not even counting cleaning the house. I don’t know how it’s all going to get done, and I’m so irritated that I’m still sick. I feel so tired, just thinking about everything that needs to be done is overwhelming.

Bishy has picked up a new thing that he does. I’d noticed a long time ago that if the moon is out and visible when we take him to go potty, he’s fascinated and will just sit and stare up at it. Pretty cool, and waaay amusing. Lately, he’s obsessed with airplanes, and as soon as he goes outside, no matter what time of day, he’ll search the sky for an airplane. If he sees one, he gets all excited, and as it flies away from him, he tries to chase it. It’s hilarious! I’ll have to try and get some video of it to post. It’s too funny.

Alrighty, that’s about it for now. I promise as soon as I’m feeling better, I’ll step it up as far as content goes. For now, just bear with me, ‘kay?


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