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hooplove So, I’m sitting here at work, basically just trying to keep myself sane until 5pm, when I decide it’s definitely time for a blog update. My poor bloggy has been so neglected, sometimes I think I should just give it up and hit the delete button, but then I remember all the really good stuff I’ve written here and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I tell myself that I’ll get better, and post more often, but as they say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and apparently so is the internets. Good intentions and porn.

Things have not really changed too much since my last post. I’m still struggling in a job I can now say that I honestly hate. It’s not the position at all-I love my role as a receptionist. It’s actually what’s going on within the restructuring of the company as well as the behind the scenes drama-rama that’s just making everyone insane. It’s only getting worse with each day. Needless to say, I am looking for another job-no big surprise there, right?

I think I’d like to do something a lot less receptionist-y, and maybe more administrative. I have mad admin skillz! *sillygrin* I’d also really enjoy something in which I could actually use my college degrees-maybe editing or proofreading?

Of course, if I won the lottery and became a multimillionaire, this would all be a moot point and I’d be writing blog updates from Cabo, so maybe I should just better start working on that!

My dad is doing well, though we’ve been told he’s reaching the end of his physical therapies and will need to be moved to a permanent, semi-private room soon. He’s no longer a candidate for assisted living as he is still very impulsive about his decisions and is not very ambulatory by himself. What this means of course, is we’ll now have to switch to private pay and begin the whole process for applying to Medicaid. What a pain in the ass.

I just began another bellydancing session with Michelle at The Goddess Hour. Loves it! I’ve also been working a lot on my hoopdancing with the help of online tutorials and I found a wicked awesome online hoop community, Safire Dance, through Safire’s youtube hooping tutorials. I’m not brave enough yet to post my own hoop video-I fear I still look like a seizure victim at times and I’ve not lost that “learning a new trick” face of utter concentration. When I’m more confident in my skills and flow, I will definitely post some vids!

I have some new pics to post too, which I’ll try to do either tonight or sometime soon.



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sookieeyesOkay, so, I’m going to be thirty nine this coming January. I can barely believe it. I don’t feel that old. I don’t believe I look that old. But nevertheless-39. Which means forty…40!…is right around the corner. Yikes.

There are things I’ve recently decided I need to accomplish before I leave my thirties and head off into the unknown territory of forty. Goals, if you will, to achieve throughout the year. A lot of them are things I merely want to improve about myself-both inwardly & outwardly. Some of them are things I’d like to do, some are things I’ve always wanted for myself.

1. Lose “the weight” for good. I want to be curvaceous, yet svelte.
2. Make exercise fun, instead of a chore.
3. Buy a brand new wardrobe.
4. Finish my novel & find an agent.
5. Take a fabulous vacation somewhere exotic.
6. Excel in bellydancing.
7. Start work on my short film project.
8. Stop being scared.
9. Try at least one new type of cuisine.
10. Take lots of pictures.
11. Try to be a less aggressive driver.
12. Perform at least one act of kindness a day.
13. Be a more thoughtful, kind, grateful person-go the extra mile.
14. Love myself more.
15. Acknowledge the Divine every day.
16. Put care & thoughtfulness into every action.
17. Finish a videogame. (Ha!)
18. Swim with dolphins.
19. Spend lots of time with my new little niece, Lexi—be a wicked cool aunt!
20. Make more of an effort towards my sister in law.
21. Forgive.
22. Hate less. Love more.

So, I think that’s enough to tackle for one year—whadda you think? *g*


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